Bike Fix Utah is the premier choice for Mountain Bike skills coaching,

cycling specific fitness training, clinics, and camps for all ages and abilities! 


How it Works:

Choose a course, sign-up online or call to book, show up ready to ride and you are guaranteed to have fun and LEARN a thing or two. 


*all classes are currently being scheduled by appointment,
email [email protected] for more information or to start a conversation about a class


Courses Offered:

  • 100 level (Intro to MTB) 
  • 200 level (Intermediate) 
  • 300 level (Advanced) 

*It works best if you take these courses in order; however you can start with whichever course you think you will fit best.  We also custom tailor courses to fit your desired outcomes; just tell us what you want to learn!  If you really want to improve your skill we recommend taking each class 2-3 times; the more you drill the fundamentals with a coach the better you will become.


What You Get:

  • Professional and quality skills coaching tailored specific to each rider 
  • An opportunity to improve your current ability and develop some new skills



  • 3 hour class = $150 (bring a group of 5= Discount: $125 per person) 
  • buy a block of 3 courses and get them for $99 each
  • January Special all classes $39!! register now for any skills class on our event bright page! 


Click Here to view our Calendar and to register  --   Or Stop by the shop to register



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